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Transfer System

We are using the transfer system "flashscan8" and "flashscan HD" from the company "MWA Nova GmbH" out of Berlin. These have been developed for high quality film transfers, for TV productions; and gives us an uncompromised quality recording of your film.

Film cleaning: The years have proved to us that all films need to be cleaned! We use professional film cleaners to carefully hand-clean your film. This process consists of feeding the film through special soft cloths moistened by the cleaning solutions. The film gets cleaned once - more if needed. The cleaning process traps most dust and unwanted dirt particles. We recommend special treatment with a solution called “Film Renew” if the film has mold build-up or if it has become brittle. "FilmRenew" is rarely needed.

“Film Renew” We use professional “Film Renew - Urbanski Film” to clean the film if it has mold buildup or has become overly brittle. Depending upon the condition of the film, we either soak the film in a bath of FilmRenew or carefully treat it with cloths soaked by FilmRenew solution. The excess solution is later removed.

Splice Renewal Renewing splices is very time-consuming and must be done with great care. We use professional film cement glue to complete the splice. A splice renewal happens when we find a broken splice, a missing leader, or a splice which needs replacing.

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