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We transfer your VHS & VHS-C (PAL ONLY) tapes to DVD. If you would like copies of those DVDs, we do that too. (We do not transfer the U.S.A. "NTSC" version VHS tapes.)

New:  Upscale to HD (available on a Blu-ray or hard drive, only)
We now offer free upscaling of your SD video tapes to HD video! This upscale makes your video look less jagged-edged and a bit sharper, but do not expect miracles. One can only improve SD material so much. If you want this HD upscale option just select either a Blu-ray or HD file on the next page. Note that some Blu-ray players, equipped with a USB port, will be able to read these files and play them back, in the comfort of your living room.

vhs vhs-c minDV dvc hi8 video 8 digital 8 vhs vhs-c minDV dvc hi8 video 8 digital 8Let us help you determine what type of tape you have and if we can transfer it for you: click here

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IMPORTANT: We do not transfer or copy any material with a Copyright, unless you own the copyright and provide proof.

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