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  1. Initiate order online via our website.

  2. Print out order form. Sign and date it, and send it along with your shipment.

  3. Look for your “Order Confirmation” email. It is automatically sent to you, after you place your order. Please read it! It includes special instruction about how to organize your goods for us.

  4. Please mail us your goods. Do not send a “deposit” up front. We invoice at the end.

  5. Once we receive your goods, we will notify you via an email.

  6. As soon as your order is transferred, we will mail you the transferred copies along with an invoice. At that time we also send you an email indicating your postal tracking number. We do not mail your original back to you until you have safely received your copies and are pleased with your order.

  7. Once you receive your goods, please review them carefully and then remit full payment for your order.

  8. Shortly after we receive your payment, we will send your original goods back to you. Again we will send an email indicating your postal tracking number.

VALUABLE NOTE: In 14 years, one single order was lost in the mail after the customer sent it to us without a tracking number on his package -- and sent it via "First Class Mail." That's an incredible success rate! USPS, FedEx and UPS have worked equally well. Only be sure your package has a tracking number, and we are very confident that we will safely receive it. (We think the "FilmFix" name has clout, because history has shown us that our packages are taken seriously!)

We look forward to helping you with your treasured memories!

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