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Scanning Services (Digitizing)

Get your images digitized before it is too late! Over time they lose their color and clarity, and mold build-up can damage them for good.

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35mm Slides

Each 35mm slide image is scanned at a very high resolution (4800 by 3200 pixels) -- archival image quality. (RGB Color System)

Either count your individual slides or just provide a rough estimate. We'll have an exact count once all have been digitized. We base your invoice on that total count.

Please enter number of slides to digitize  

We can scan all types (glass, aluminum, cardboard and plastic) and sizes (24x24, 24x36 and special formats) of slides.

Note: If your slides are housed in boxes, please send them that way. Otherwise, we accept slides in any form.

Photograph Scanning

Maximum scan size: 21 by 30 cm

Photographs are scanned at 600 DPI (300 DPI is considered standard printing resolution.) If your photographs are small, a higher resolution scanning is required for proper enlarged printing. Please contact us if you prefer scanning at higher resolutions. We can scan up to 4800 DPI at 48-bit. Scanning at the highest resolution takes approx. 30 minutes per photograph and produces enormous files!

Estimated image count  

Either count your individual photos or just provide a rough estimate. We'll have an exact count once all have been digitized. We base your invoice on that total count.

35mm Negative Scanning

You will receive a positive image from your negative. Note: One negative strip usually holds 4 images.

Estimated image count  

We can digitize negative strips of all kinds. In order for us to scan them cleanly, we need to remove the paper strips. We do that free of charge.

Medium Format Scanning

Size usually measures 6 by 4 cm, or 6 by 9 cm

Estimated image count  

For medium formats we do not distinguish by their size (4x4, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, etc.). We choose the resolution so that the output size is about 6500x6500 dpi. You are also welcome to specify your preferred resolution.

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Some customers prefer to simply send us their material and have us do up their estimate for them. We're happy to do that and will call you once we receive your precious memories to determine how to best serve you!

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