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Oops -- don't send like this!

Without padding, things can get quite disheveled and the box can more easily tear, during transit. Please remember to pad it a bit and tape the box -- both on the bottom and top.

Handle film with care
Please add a little padding so this doesn't happen. We very carefully pack all return shipments!

When a package has some "play" inside, the box's structural integrity suffers. It's inevitable that boxes get tossed about a bit. Sometimes we receive them with small tear in the corner or side of box. If you fill out those corners and edges some, it both helps protect your materials and adds some fortitude to the box.  Rest assured -- in our history no box has been so damaged that any precious family memories have fallen out of the package or gotten notably damaged, in transit. FILMFIX seems to be a special name and the carriers really do take note!
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