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Price List
CHF | Euro
  Pricing is non-inclusive of Value Added Taxes (VAT.)
Film Transfer
HD frame-by-frame info per minute of film CHF 2.20 
Film Cleaning info per meter CHF 0.10 
film renewal info per meter CHF 0.25 
Film cleaning & film renewal includes bad splice renewals for up to 3 splices per reel. FREE
splice or leader renewal (or replacement) info are CHF 2.50 
overfilled reel info per reel CHF 8.00 
reel mounting info per reel CHF 3.00 
hard drive set-up fee CHF 20.00 
Copy VHS to DVD
Tape queuing CHF 4.00 
VHS to DVD per minute CHF 0.20 
Slide Transfer to DVD, CD-Rom or Hard Drive
per Slide -
Slides delivered to us in:
Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors
KODAK brand Carousels or GEPE Trays 45 Rp. 70 Rp. CHF 2.00
Slide Boxes or in stacks 70 Rp. 95 Rp. CHF 2.25
Plastic sleeves or in “other” trays 95 Rp. CHF 1.20 CHF 2.50
Service Includes:: Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors

Digital transfer of slides

You will need to turn images yourself - just one file is provided per slide

Turning of vertical images  
Horizontal image flipping  
Multiple image sizes  
Automated color correction    
Manual color correction & minor touch-ups    

Stock and Misc. Items
order set-up and handling CHF 20.00 
DVD stock High Quality Archival Grade CHF 10.00 
Blu-ray Disc CHF 15.00 
per menu title/photo  info CHF 5.00 
duplication set-up fee CHF 15.00 
PAL/NTSC set-up CHF 35.00 
Custom Edits CHF 2.00 
400ft plastic reels with case CHF 17.00