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Slide Transfer
Our Digitizing Process
Pricing Overview
Order Process

Price List           CHF | Euro | Dollar
Slide Transfer to DVD, CD-Rom or Hard Drive
per Slide -
Slides delivered to us in:
Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors
KODAK brand Carousels or GEPE Trays 50¢ 75¢ $2.10
Slide Boxes or in stacks 75¢ $1.00 $2.35
Plastic sleeves or in “other” trays $1.00 $1.25 $2.60
Service Includes:: Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors

Digital transfer of slides

You will need to turn images yourself - just one file is provided per slide

Turning of vertical images  
Horizontal image flipping  
Multiple image sizes  
Automated color correction    
Manual color correction & minor touch-ups    

Stock and Misc. Items
order set-up and handling $ 20.80 
DVD stock Verbatim® UltraLife™ Gold Archival Grade $ 10.40 
duplication set-up fee $ 15.60 

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