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Liste des prix           CHF | Euro | Dollar
Transfert des films
HD image-par-image info per minute of film CHF 2.20 
Film Cleaning info per meter CHF 0.10 
film renewal info per meter CHF 0.25 
Film cleaning & film renewal includes bad splice renewals for up to 3 splices per reel. FREE
splice renewals info are CHF 2.50 
overfilled reel info per reel CHF 8.00 
reel mounting info per reel CHF 3.00 
hard drive set-up fee CHF 20.00 
Stock and Misc. Items
order set-up and handling CHF 20.00 
DVD stock High Quality Archival Grade CHF 10.00 
Blu-ray Disc CHF 15.00 
duplication set-up fee CHF 15.00 
PAL/NTSC set-up CHF 35.00 
Custom Edits CHF 0.00 
400ft plastic reels with case CHF 17.00 
MiniDV stock (60 minutes) CHF 15.00 
VHS (15 minutes) CHF 9.00 
VHS (30 minutes) CHF 11.00 
VHS (60 minutes) CHF 15.00 
VHS (120 minutes) CHF 17.00 
VHS (180 minutes) CHF 20.00 

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