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DVD Film Transfer Service

We digitize your films (Super8 and Normal-8, S8/N8) and photographic slides (Ektachrome) with the utmost care onto the new DVD medium. We also offer transfer services for digital video tape MiniDV (DVC), VHS, and CD-ROM formats.

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Info on how to transfer 8mm film to DVD and Do-it-yourself steps to avoid

We use only professional equipment and do not take shortcuts in our film transfer processes
The film transfer process does not happen automatically -- as many people assume. Our film transfers are professionally monitored, at all times, in order to obtain the best possible result. The transfer operator continually adjusts the light and makes sure the image is kept as free of dust as possible. The process is laborious to be sure but allows for the highest quality transfer obtainable.

Our professional film transfer equipment has been uniquely modified for the job.
To us its imperative that the image transferred comes as close to what you originally captured as possible. We check and adjust the exposure, contrast, focus point and color in order to achieve the most natural looking image on your transfer.

We achieve superb results on our film transfers and slide transfers to DVD
- Color correction on all transfers
- Image focused from center all the way to the four corners so that it's free of vignetting and hot-spot effects
- Steady and flicker-free images on all our transfers of Super-8 and Normal-8 8mm films to DVD. Pesky dust particles are quickly removed as they appear on your films.

Save your old Super-8 and Normal-8 8mm film and slide treasures to DVD before it is too late!

Transfer your films (Super 8 and Normal 8) to DVD, MiniDV or Hard Drive.

We specialize in Super-8 and Normal-8 8mm film transfers.

In time, film becomes brittle and loses its color! Continue...

Slide Transfer to DVD, CD-Rom or Hard Drive

Over the years, your slide images deteriorate! Continue...

Copy VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 or MiniDV to DVD

We transfer your tapes to DVD and make duplicates if you would like. Continue...

These are our sample images which came from our high-resolution 800TV line 3-CCD camera during an actual film transfer of either Regular 8mm film (a.k.a. Double 8mm film) or Super 8mm film to DVD. Click on images for a 1:1 larger view of these samples.

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