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Slide Transfer
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35mm Slide Scanning (Digitizing)

Slide Transfer onto CD-ROM, DVD or Hard Drive (HD)

The 35mm slide image gets scanned at a very high resolution (of 4800 x 3200 pixels) allows for the images' archival. (RGB Color System)

Have your slides digitized to before it is too late! Over time they lose their color and clarity, and mold build-up can damage them for good.

So that you do not end up getting uneven images with lopsided black borders around each picture, we crop part of the edge of each image. However, if you do not want us to crop the image, we can do that. Please clearly specify this in your online order form (at the: “Use for additional instructions” section.) Then, you will be provided with a transfer which has the full image with a black border.

We provide JPEG files. However, if you would like RAW files, please be sure to specify that when you place your order! Our RAW files are .ARW Sony-type RAW files. We need to see your note about that. We add an extra 20% of the transfer cost for providing RAW files. This price increase will NOT show on the Online Estimate. Also note that each slide will need about 36.5 to 37 MB of storage, so 300 slides would require about 11.1 GB of storage space. RAW files are about 1/3 larger than jpeg files, so we recommend you transfer to either Hard Drive or Blu-ray!

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Total # of slides to digitize
(slides delivered to us in GEPE brand European Slide Trays or KODAK brand Carousels)
Total # of slides to digitize
(slides delivered to us in their original boxes or rubber banded in stacks)
Total # of slides to digitize
(slides delivered to us in plastic sleeves or OTHER THAN GEPE brand or KODAK brand trays or carousels)

Price List           CHF | Euro | Dollar
Slide Transfer to DVD, CD-Rom or Hard Drive
per Slide -
Slides delivered to us in:
Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors
KODAK brand Carousels or GEPE Trays 35¢ 55¢ €1.55
Slide Boxes or in stacks 55¢ 75¢ €1.75
Plastic sleeves or in “other” trays 75¢ 95¢ €1.95
Service Includes:: Digitize Only Turn Auto-Color Turn Manual Colors

Digital transfer of slides

You will need to turn images yourself - just one file is provided per slide

Turning of vertical images  
Horizontal image flipping  
Multiple image sizes  
Automated color correction    
Manual color correction & minor touch-ups    

Stock and Misc. Items
order set-up and handling € 15.60 
DVD stock Verbatim® UltraLife™ Gold Archival Grade € 7.80 
duplication set-up fee € 11.70 

Our process for digitizing your slides:

STEP #1    (This process included in A, B and C Transfers)

Prepping slides for transfer: Before we transfer your slides, we need to place them in a Kodak or Gepe tray. All slides get turned to a "landscape" position, including your vertical images.

If you provide your slides in trays, we will carefully mark the very edge of the slides with a black marker before turning them into a "landscape" position. This ensures that we can turn them back into their original position as delivered to us.

STEP #2    (This process included in A, B and C Transfers)

The transfer process: Each slide gets individualized attention. In order to achieve the best result, very dark slides usually need more light during their exposure, whereas over-exposed slides usually need less.

The adjustment of the exposure is done manually and takes an expert to achieve the correct result. Just after the image is digitized, the histogram data of the image is checked to make sure the exposure was optimal.

Resulting image from STEP #2:

NOTE: Image still needs horizontal flipping (and vertical turning if it is a vertical image.)

Flipping and turning is NOT included with Transfer Type A.

The resulting image is facing upside down (or side-ways if it is a vertical image!)

This first "Original File" is provided on the CD/DVD and is best used as a source file for any publication work where a graphic artist will do additional corrections and possibly more touch-up work.

STEP #3    (This process only included in B and C Transfers)

Image orientation: All images require vertical flipping in order to present correctly. Vertical images require turning to their correct vertical direction.

STEP #3 is only included in B and C transfers.

If you are computer savvy, you can do this yourself - so might choose Transfer A.

STEP #4    (This process only included in C Transfers!)

Manual color correction. This step is not necessary if your slides are not discolored!


The manual color correction in the C Transfer cannot correct slides with strong saturation loss and/or color shifts.

STEP #5    (This process only included in B and C Transfers)

Generating different image sizes: At last, we generate three different file sizes:

A LARGE file - for printing

Large image with full image resolution

A MEDIUM file - for viewing on your computer

Average computer monitor size is set to 1028 x 780 pixels
(image size is 1014 x 676 pixels)

A SMALL file - for sending via email

507 x 338 pixels
Click here to view image in actual size.

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