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8mm film

35mm Slide Scanning (Digitizing)

Slide Transfer onto CD-ROM, DVD or Hard Drive (HD)

The 35mm slide image gets scanned at a very high resolution (of 4800 x 3200 pixels) allows for the images' archival. (RGB Color System)

Have your slides digitized to before it is too late! Over time they lose their color and clarity, and mold build-up can damage them for good.

So that you do not end up getting uneven images with lopsided black borders around each picture, we crop part of the edge of each image. However, if you do not want us to crop the image, we can do that. Please clearly specify this in your online order form (at the: “Use for additional instructions” section.) Then, you will be provided with a transfer which has the full image with a black border.

We provide JPEG files. However, if you would like RAW files, please be sure to specify that when you place your order! Our RAW files are .ARW Sony-type RAW files. We need to see your note about that. We add an extra 20% of the transfer cost for providing RAW files. This price increase will NOT show on the Online Estimate. Also note that each slide will need about 36.5 to 37 MB of storage, so 300 slides would require about 11.1 GB of storage space. RAW files are about 1/3 larger than jpeg files, so we recommend you transfer to either Hard Drive or Blu-ray!

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